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Libertarian Marxism

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Libertarian Marxism

Maoism, known in China as Mao Zedong Thought (Chinese: 毛泽东思想; pinyin: Máo Zédōng sīxiǎng), is a communist political theory derived from the teachings of the Chinese political leader Mao Zedong, whose followers are known as hopebayboatdays.comped from the s until the Deng Xiaoping reforms in the s, it was widely applied as the guiding political and military ideology of the.

Anarchism and Marxism; Philosophy in the Soviet Union; Primitive accumulation; Proletarian revolution; Proletarian Culture; Proletarian internationalism.

An essay marking the th Anniversary of Marx's death. One hundred years after the death of Marx, the truth of Marxism not only remains a fact but assumes immense importance - now more than ever. Alasdair MacIntyre's "Marxism and Christianity"() is a rewritten concise summary and reflection upon the intellectual history of Marxism as it developed from Hegelian theories of alienation in Marx's early manuscripts to an economic and political doctrine in his later life, and the theoretical and practical difficulties which theoretical Marxism has suffered since then.

Whoa! That’s a really good essay, kind of scattered and intense but very interesting and thought-provoking. I agree that heterosexual love is inherently imbalanced, but why?

Guest essayist Zanakus explores why the original incarnation of the revolutionary MMORPG EverQuest was so immersive and why today's MMORPGs could benefit from those lessons.

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