Road trips essay

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My Trip Essay

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Road Trip [writing prompt]

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You close your eyes…take a wide breath and all the more you hear the spring birds modest the fascinating music. My highway tower may be used by my not going and driving, but I'm still vulnerable to others who do. Below, people would have left. There are so many wonderful road trips from San Francisco you can do with the city as a base to explore the fantastic destinations and places of interests within a short drive from the city.

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18 natural wonders of the US that will inspire your next road trip

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To help ease your anxiety here is a list you might just need before heading for the long winding roads. The Mother Road: You need to get in a car and drive "to have a great time" - not - "to make great time". For more than three decades, Route 66 was America's main east-west artery, pointing the nation toward all the promise that California seemed to hold.

John Steinbeck dubbed it "The Mother Road.".

The 10 Commandments of Road Trips

NEW! Honey, You “MEAD” This Class! Instructor: Alissa Moore Are you familiar with honey wine—also known as Mead? This ancient fermented beverage has been found in cultures throughout the world since.

Road trips essay
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