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Essay on the Role of Banks in Economic Development

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Reserve Bank of India was set up to regulate the formal banking sector in the country. But the growth of modern banking remained slow mainly due to lack of surplus capital in the Indian economic system at that point of time. Modern banking institutions came up only in big cities and industrial centers.

infrastructure and rural well being can assist in explaining the banking development-led growth in state level output, agriculture and industry in India.

We find that there is clear evidence of growth effects of development in banking, infrastructure and rural well being in 26 states of India.

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Banking Sector in India Latest update: June, Credit off-take has been surging ahead over the past decade, aided by strong economic growth, rising disposable incomes, increasing consumerism &. India’s rate of growth by contrast is expected to overtake that of China’s in the long run as it has more catch-up potential and its working age population growth will be much stronger in the long-term.

Essay on the Growth of Commercial Banking in India

But the banks will have to adopt a full-fledged marketing strategy to ensure customer satisfaction for its survival and growth. Marketing scope prevailing in banking sector is being considered under the service marketing framework in this new business approach.

This free Finance essay on The Indian Banking System is perfect for Finance students to use as an example. This move, along with the rapid growth in the economy of India, revitalized the banking sector in India, which has seen rapid growth with strong contribution from both sectors of banks, namely, private banks and public banks.

Growth of banking sector in india essay
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