Electrical hazards essay

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Electrical Hazards in Workplace

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Electrical Hazards in Workplace

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Use of political at the workplace is so common that much do not give much background its importance. Electrical safety defines as “Recognizing hazards associated with the use of electrical energy and taking precautions so that hazards do not produce injury or death”.

Nothing can replace a worker or loved one that has died or suffered their reparable consequences of an electrical accident.

Electricity and its dangers cause many people to die yearly. One way is by telling people how to prevent and protect. The first thing to know is electrical fire. Electrical fires are different than other fires. Because water conducts electricity, throwing water on an electrical fire can cause the 3/5(2).

Electrical Hazards Electrical Hazards, risks of injury or death arising from exposure to electricity. Electricity is essential to daily life, providing heat and light and powering appliances in homes and factories.

Differences between natural hazards and natural disasters 1 A hazard is an event or object that is a potential source of harm to community. A disaster occurs as the result of a hazardous event that dramatically affects a community. Natural Hazards Human Hazards Atmospheric – eg cyclones, hailstorms, blizzards or bushfires.

Technological – accidents, explosions or hazardous materials. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) highlights that electricity is integral to modern life, and it is necessary to use it safely, as there is a risk of injuries, electrocution when there are accidents and electrical fires at home.

who may be exposed to electrical hazards is fundamental, but there are legal and other factors that require every facility to establish a comprehensive Electrical Safety Program. Meeting OSHA regulations, reducing insurance costs, and minimizing downtime and repair costs are additional benefits of Electrical Safety programs.

Electrical hazards essay
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