Apc net shelter

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APC NetShelter Server Cabinets

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Other 1U, 2U, and evaluate enclosure zero U judgements are available for use with these learners. APC NetShelter SX 42U Vertical PDU Mount And Cable Organizer.

APC NetShelter SX

APC NetShelter SX 42U Vertical PDU Mount and Cable Organizer $ Add to Cart. In Stock FREE SHIPPING!

AR3200, APC Netshelter SX Colocation depth 1070mm

Ships in business days. APC NetShelter SX 42U Vertical PDU Mount and Cable Organizer MFG: APC. APC NetShelter SX 42U Standard SET APC NetShelter SX 42U - mm Wide x mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black - Maximum Height: mm - Rack Height: 42U.

APC NetShelter CX – Rack with power distribution unit – gray, oak – 18U – 19″ Designed for branch offices, small offices and any non-IT space where there isn’t the room, the time or the budget to build a dedicated IT zone – the NetShelter CX server enclosure is an ultra-portable, secure, economic, plug-and-play IT solution.

NetShelter SX is APC's next generation rack enclosure solution influenced by 10 years of customer feedback and addresses current IT market trends for high-density server and networking applications.

NetShelter ARA User Manual. Premium enclosure. and the maximizing of U-space.

AR3100: APC NetShelter SX 42U Enclosure

The NetShelter Configurator, available on the APC Web site, helps you plan your configuration to maximize the available U- space of your enclosure(s). Page How To Level The Enclosure.

APC / Dell NetShelter SX 42U Rack 19" Server Cabinet. World's most versatile rack enclosure. Feature-rich rack enclosure optimized for easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution, and maximizing airflow.

Apc net shelter
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APC NetShelter SX 48U mm Wide x mm Deep Enclosure